Driving employment in Cairns' Southern Corridor
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Edmonton Business and Industry Park Closer!

Cairns Regional Council took a more positive approach to the proposed Edmonton Business & Industry Park at the last Council meeting, held in Babinda. Council agreed to in principle, support for the general proposal in its current form including the proposed staging of the development.

The Edmonton Business & Industry Park (EBIP) is a masterplanned employment area of 212 hectares, with the potential to generate approximately 4,000 jobs to meet the future business and employment demands of Cairns' growing Southern Corridor.

A greenfield site, it offers a unique opportunity to masterplan a business and industry development that will meet the needs of Cairns' current and emerging industry sectors.

The development will also include extensive community and recreational facilities including two district level sports fields and one district level informal park area, picnic areas, cycle paths and walking trails.

The Edmonton Business and Industry Park is being developed by Pregno Family Investments (PFI) – a Cairns based company, with considerable local knowledge. It is believed to have been a source of frustration to the proponents that the project has been delayed while waiting for State and Council approvals.

Cr. Rob Pyne applauded council's decision. He said, "I have supported this from Day 1. It has been a cause of great frustration that this has been held up, especially during a period of high unemployment, the very time at which we need projects like this to drive employment growth."

A council spokesperson said, "As the Mount Peter Master Plan has progressed and the objectives for the Mount Peter area confirm that property south of Blackfellow Creek, and east of the highway, is intended to be developed for employment purposes such as low impact industrial, transport-based industries, business/technology park and complementary mixed uses."

The land between Swallow Road and Blackfellow Creek could see work as soon as the beginning of the next dry season. Together with the Edmonton Town Centre this development could help shape the economy and geography of South Cairns!

Source: Rob Pyne's "The Rock News"

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