Driving employment in Cairns' Southern Corridor
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Southern Growth Corridor

Edmonton is a southern suburb of Cairns, approximately 10 kilometres south of the CBD on the Bruce Highway.

Edmonton forms part of the Southern Growth Corridor - the area south of Cairns down to Gordonvale.  This corridor has been identified by the Queensland Government and the Cairns Regional Council as a key focal point for managing future population expansion.

The Edmonton and the Southern Growth Corridor is a fast-growing part of Cairns, with continued infastructure investment and a proposed new large community at Mount Peter, south of the EBIP site.

As well as providing a commercial heart for local businesses, exporters and emerging industries, the EBIP will provide a strong base for the many new businesses which will emerge to meet demand from the forecasted population growth at Edmonton, Mount Peter and Gordonvale.

The EBIP forms the gateway to these emerging communities and will create a thriving precinct for investment that connects Cairns with the southern areas of expansion.

EBIP will boost local employment - generating 4000 jobs over the next 20 years and establishing a unique business industry hub in the Cairns southern corridor.